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WILKA is the brainchild of Katrina Ponnampalam Chia, who previously was a working girl in the corporate industry.

Inspired by her own problems when trying to transition from work to play, Katrina decided to hone in on her Fashion Design and Fashion Retail education; harness her work experiences in corporate and advertising sectors, and created WILKA. “I needed to find a solution to the hassle of bringing along extra things, even different outfits when I have to transition from the office to social events and parties,” she said.

It is common for today’s woman to be on-the-go for almost the entire day, and looking good should not come with the sacrifice of comfort, which is one of the pillars of WILKA’s design philosophies. One of the fabrics seen consistently through WILKA is the use of both thick and thin Jersey, perfect for Malaysian weather as it is not too hot, and ideal for long wear as it does not crease. “We take these details seriously when we are designing. We love the use of Jersey because it clings and drapes effortlessly, and is just incredibly relaxing to be in”, added Katrina.

Describing herself as shy, cheerful and reliable, this spunky 30-year old is a fashionista in her own right, bringing her own sense of style as inspiration to her label. No doubt the woman who wears WILKA carries the personality of the designer itself : independent, classy, fun-loving, and edgy.